Due to continuous increases in material, taxes and insurance our price is good for 60-days from the date on the bid to the date we receive your contract.  This bid is based on the assumption payments will be made regularly every 30 to 45 days.  If that is not possible add 5% to the bid. Additionally, Purchase Orders must be submitted in full 2 1/2 weeks (17 days) prior to delivery date. If P.O.'s are received less than 17 days prior to delivery date, we do not guarantee an on time delivery. Furthermore, P.O.'s received 7 days or less prior to delivery date may be charged 150% as opposed to 100%. 

This bid is contingent upon final approval of a Radford full cabinet or door sample prior to contract execution*.  Radford Cabinets does not participate in the KCMA, NKCA, WIC or SCMA programs.  We make a best effort to bid all cabinets on the plans.  A bid only covers those cabinets listed under plan type above.  If we have missed any cabinets please let us know ASAP.  Cabinets not listed on a bid cannot be include in any future contract.  Our insurance liability coverage is $1 million.

*Samples are subject to charge- speak to your sales rep. to find out if you will be billed for samples (this charge is credited to overall contract amount upon awarding a job).