5 Year Warranty- TFL 5 Piece Doors & Fronts

Radford Cabinets guarantees it’s TFL five piece mitered doors & fronts against any apparent or hidden defect that might affect quality or cause premature deterioration. This warranty is only guaranteed through “in house” installation, performed by Radford Cabinets’ installation professionals. The following conditions apply.

2.      DURATION
This guarantee is valid for a period of 5 years from installation date.

The guarantee does not apply:

a.       When damages are caused due to:

i.         Misuse or abuse of the product by homeowner or tenant.

 ii.       Improper installation or exposure to the elements

 iii.      Any modification, transformation or correction of the products without a written authorization from Radford Cabinets

 iv.      Improper storage

 v.      Any indirect damage

b.      To any deterioration of the products resulting from normal wear and tear.

4.      SCOPE
There is no guarantee of merchantability or fitness for specific purposes other than the guarantee detailed above. Radford Cabinets makes no other guarantee whatsoever, expressed or implied, oral or written. This guarantee is only that of Radford Cabinets, not its supplier or affiliated companies from which material is received.

For the duration of this guarantee, in order to exercise these rights, the buyer shall notify Radford Cabinets as soon as possible of any defect in the product and shall provide proof of purchase. The buyer shall not make any repairs before Radford Cabinets has had an opportunity to examine the product and its installation.
When this guarantee is applicable, Radford Cabinets may repair its products, provide replacement or, at its sole option, offer the reimbursement of the purchase price.